1993—Islandscapes, Sunnen Gallery, 49 Prince St., New York, NY; Dr. Gerard Sunnen, Director


1998—Group Show, The Purple Door Gallery, Cerrillos, NM; Curator, John Kerrigan
1997—Ladies of the Night, Guadalupe Fine Art, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM; Curators: Lena Bartula and Ann Yeomans
1996—Scene / Unseen 5th Annual National Art Exhibition, Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM; ENMU Art Faculty, Slide Jurors; Larry Ogan, Awards Juror
1996—Group Show, Hotel Plaza Real, Santa Fe, NM; Cyndi Laughlin, Curator
1995—The Vegetarian Art Show, Sunnen Gallery, New York, NY; Dr. Gerard Sunnen, Director
1993—Group Show, The Midlantic Building, Edison Twp., NJ; sponsored by the Visual Arts League; Judith Wray, President
1993—Summer Installation / Corporate Loan, M. Alfieri Twin Towers, Edison, NJ
1993—Intimacy of Fear, The BAUhouse, Baltimore, MD; Judges: Pat Creswell, Director, and Michelle Lamuniere
1993—Group Show, The Creative Space Place, Carr Business Innovation Center, New Brunswick, NJ; Judith Wray, Curator
1992—The 15th Annual Tri-State Juried Competition, Artist's League of Central New Jersey, M. Alfieri Twin Towers, Edison, NJ; Judges: Janet Brindell and Rich Celano, Old Queens Gallery, Edison, NJ
1992—International Work Book for Women Artists, traveling exhibit sponsored by Art & Cultures Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
1992—Fresh Start, New York Shambhala Center, New York, NY


1996—Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation Grant, Robert Braunschweig, President; for the completion of a series of paintings on "Sacred Sites of the Indigenous Peoples of the Southwest”
1996—Percent for Art Purchase Award for the Northern New Mexico Community College at Espanola, NM; juried by the New Mexico Arts Division and the Northern New Mexico College Local Selection Committee


The Kabbalistic Tree of Life (oil on linen), published in 1984 as a poster (Samuel Weiser, Inc.); was in print 20 years and sold over 15,000 copies; 1984, as a book cover for The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune (Samuel Weiser, Inc.); 1992, for the Dutch translation; 2004, for the Norwegian translation (Samuel Weiser, Inc., and Visdomsköllen).


American Maritime Association, New York, NY
Washington Hospital, Washington, PA


Painting Department, Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, PA (since renamed University of the Arts); 1973, Bachelor of Fine Arts