"Nighttime in the tropics is strange and magical—at least, it was back in 1970s Jamaica, when most people in Negril had no electricity. Our thatched roof cottages were lit by the golden glow of kerosene lamps. Their flickering flames created an illusion that surrounding objects were somehow alive and subtly vibrating. With no TV or telephones as a distraction, we found our entertainment in watching the sunset or sitting on the coral rocks under the stars and listening to the timeless sound of crashing ocean waves. After a few years, we eventually did get electricity—a single electric line with a lightbulb. I have to say, it was a mixed blessing. All of a sudden, the warm glow of kerosene lanterns was replaced by the cold color of electric lights. Visually, it was a loss. But, on the other hand, it made reading at night possible.

In these paintings of tropical seascapes and landscapes by moonlight and starlight, I tried to capture some of the mystery I experienced. Many people who have spent their lives in cities may not have seen firsthand what nature looks like under the moon and the stars. Hopefully, this will not prevent their appreciating the darker color palette of these Jamaican night paintings."

The oil paintings on this page's online fine art gallery / slide show are:

1. Dream Containing Time Travel Instructions - a dream in which I was instructed that the way to travel through time was to plunge into the wormhole near the Horsehead Nebula. The dream occurred in 1978, before I have any recollection of reading about this theory of time travel in the mass media.
2. Full Moon and Night Moth - mysterious symbol of the soul, hovering in the garden.
3. Moonlight Night (The Path to the Sea) - This wall-size painting took 7 months to paint. It's a view of my 'backyard' in Jamaica by moonlight.
4. The Cirrus Cloud That Became an Air Sprite - yet another stunning cloud formation.
5. The Road to the Lighthouse - a memory of speeding on my bike along the dirt road from Negril.
6. Ball Lightning - the first and only time I've seen this strange type of lightning.
7. Star Pool - the night sky reflected in a tidal pool
8. Fishing Boats - rowboats floating in the black sea
9. Orange Moon at 4 a.m. - on one of my last nights in Jamaica, I happened to be awake to see this half moon setting over the ocean.

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