"I did these tropical watercolor paintings on site when I lived in Jamaica from 1976 through 1980. They are more intimate than some of my large oil paintings of tropical seascapes and landscapes. The vivid colors of the tropics were such a radical change from my overstimulated life in exciting but unrelentingly gray-colored New York City. I suddenly became very detail-oriented in depicting the palm trees and other tropical plants indigenous to the Caribbean."

The tropical watercolors on this page's online fine arts gallery are:

1. Snorkeler's View
2. Palms at Sunset
3. Bonfire
4. Bedroom Sea View
5. Electricity Comes to Negril's West End
6. Flower Dream
7. Fireman's Mango Tree
8. Thatch Palm
9. The Swampy Place

Please refer to the price list to determine which of these watercolor paintings are for sale or have already been sold.