Landscapes of New Mexico
"The Land of Enchantment" 1995-2007


A grouping of regional Southwestern paintings of New Mexico and its high desert landscapes by Santa Fe artist Patricia Waldygo.

New Mexico is home to thousands of artists seeking a life lived closer to nature. Particularly, artists who paint Southwestern landscapes in a realist, naturalist, or representational style are inspired by the magnificent light, dramatic weather and cloud formations, and variety of landscapes. In the south are flat, arid, cactus-studded deserts. Peaceful rolling hills dotted with pinyons and juniper trees are found at mid-range altitudes. And in the north, roaring whitewater streams feed into the Rio Grande and water the cottonwood trees in its bosques. At the highest altitudes, there are snow-covered peaks with tall pine trees and aspens reaching up to the snow line. The Southwest's vast horizons literally invite one's mind to expand and indulge in some sort of creative pursuit.

Oil paintings shown on this page's online gallery / slide show are:

1. Windy Morning (Purple dawn light with cirrus clouds stretched by the wind)
2. Cloud Shadows (Patterns of sunlight and shadow highlight pinyon trees on the Cerrillos Hills)
3. Purple Sunset (One of countless otherworldly sunsets)
4. Poplars (Poplar trees silhouetted against a starry night sky)
5. Spring Winds (A wild and gusty night at home)
6. Railhouse Apple Tree (Autumn leaves in the yard of the historic Cerrillos Railhouse)
7. Aspens—Santa Fe Ski Basin (Aspens in the fall, a profusion of yellow)
8. Jackie's Hills (views from Rogersville Road)

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